AC Video Solutions now offers Extended Warranty & Accidental Damage Due To Handling insurance for all of your equipment and system purchases. Backed by AmTrust, a $12 Billion dollar insurance company, the program was developed specifically for the professional video and broadcast market. Our new Extended Warranty program goes beyond traditional warranty programs and encompasses benefits specific to the needs of our industry. The program includes:

EXTENDED WARRANTY: Create warranty protection of up to 5 years for your equipment and avoid service budget overruns while ensuring your equipment is serviced (or replaced) long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

MANUFACTURER REPAIRS COVERED: Repairs can be performed by our partner’s own manufacturer certified technicians OR directly by the manufacturer; either way the charges are covered.

REPLACEMENT IF UNREPAIRABLE: Sometimes equipment is simply not repairable; in such eventuality, we will replace your equipment with the same model (if available) or equivalent.

POWER SURGE PROTECTION: The program includes, for no additional charge, power surge protection to ensure your investment in equipment is secured.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE FROM HANDLING: Dropping a camera lens first is never a good idea and we all try to avoid it; but it does happen. Our program includes accidental damage from handling. This is actually an optional program feature but we include it; you can save a few dollars by dropping this option but we do not recommend dropping this option as long as gravity keeps pulling equipment toward the floor.

AFFORDABLE AND PRACTICAL: Program costs vary depending on the value of the equipment being warrantied as well as the number of years. However, this is a one-time payment that guarantees your equipment will provide the utility you planned without the risk of having to invest additional funds down the road for repairs. The cost can be included in the invoice, can be amortized or added to your lease and, in most cases, the cost of this protection is not much more than the discount most dealers provide on equipment sales. You will be amazed at how affordable and well structured our program is.